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Artisan is directed by founder and principal consultant Scott Woodard. Scott is a recognized industry veteran and has designed and led highly successful online marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients including Lowe's, Dewalt, CitiFinancial, Black & Decker, and Motorola. Scott works closely with each of Artisan's clients to define campaign goals, strategic direction, and to determine which of our consultants' or recommended vendors' expertise is right for each individual project.

Prior to founding Artisan Interactive in 2006, Scott managed SEO efforts for one of the largest search marketing firms in the industry and his team was responsible for over $500,000 of monthly SEO revenue. Scott's experience with literally hundreds of different clients in a wide variety of industries allows him to quickly access an organization's strategic web marketing needs. In addition to his knowledge of web marketing, Scott also relies on more than 15 years of experience in web design and development. For more on Scott Woodard's background, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Scott Woodard's Testimonials and Endorsements

"I hired Scott to help us launch our search engine optimization on our web sites and to further our efforts in search engine marketing. We have achieved some exceptional results on a global scale. Scott's ability to find interesting opportunities for us to build upon our success has helped us achieve some remarkable awareness among our targets. I strongly endorse Scott for both domestic and international SEO/SEM projects. If you want to speak to me, I'd be happy to set up a time to talk about Scott's efforts."
     - Jeffrey Slater, Global Director of Marketing at Nomacorc, LLC

"I've worked with Scott for nearly four years and over that time he has proven himself as as world class SEO expert. With Scott's guidance we have launched our website to the top three (and in many cases the number one) search engine positions across a number of key words relevant to our business. In many cases we outrank large public companies who we compete with in certain technology areas as well as industry reference sites. All of our rankings have been achieved organically without resorting to shady back linking tactics or other means of artificial relevance. We have also been able to turn off our AdWords campaigns because we already rank highly on the keywords that matter most to us. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to improve their website and their SEO performance. You will not find a more capable professional."
     - Jim Doherty, Chief Marketing Officer at Certes Networks, Inc.

"Artisan has played a key role in the launch of our business. From branding strategy and search engine optimization, to creative advertising campaigns, Artisan has proven to be an outstanding partner and integral to our continued growth. "
     - Mike Fleming, CEO of www.MagicMurals.com

"Working with Artisan has proven to be one of our greatest investments. We can directly attribute an increase in traffic and revenue to Scott's well thought out internet marketing strategies. I only wish we had worked with him sooner to avoid the costly mistakes of "experimenting" on our own. He will absolutely be involved in all future projects."
     - Allan Slider, Owner of www.WindowBlinds.com

"Scott has wide range of search marketing and general business experience. He always digs deeper into underlying business data to ensure his clients get the very best advice and service."
     - Andy Beal, Marketing Consultant, MarketingPilgrim.com

Read more of Scott Woodard's testimonials and endorsements in his LinkedIn profile.

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